Maïa Nadon-Chbib hat ihren BA in Kommunkationswissenschaften an der Concordia Unsiversität in Montreal im Jahre 2009 beendet. Sie hat sehr früh begonnen an den Filmen ihres Vaters zu arbeiten und bisher nicht aufgehört. In den letzten fünf Jahren ist sie als Koproduzentin an vielen Oneira Pictures International Filmen beteiligt gewesen, einschliesslich Drinking Games, Strawberries and Wine, The Wedding Murders, Silent Men, A Midsummer's Wake, The Making of ...Indie Television?, Life As It Is, Gabriel’s Trip, Murder in Rock Island and Life As It Was. Seit sie 2005 ihre eigene Filmkompanie eröffnet hat, hat sie verschiedene Projekte, die momentan in der Post-Produkiton sind, produziert; eine 8-Episoden Fernsehserie namens Ganite Forks unter der Regie von Bashar Shibib und Jon Deitcher und einen kompletten Spielfilm, namens Frauds in Love, von Adam Coleman Howard.


Jean-Philippe Fortin finished his Specialization in film production at Concordia University in Montreal, during the year 2011. Since joining the company in the fall of 2011, he has worked on and more recently produced several projects that are currently in post-production; including documentaries, fiction and co-productions. In the end of 2013, he directed his first feature length motion picture titled ''À propos du code''

Executive producer

Dr. Chebib is a retired professor from the University of Manitoba. He has been an active executive producer for Sunset Pictures since 2009. He settled with his family in Winnipeg in 1958 and is considered to be one of the original Muslim pioneers in Manitoba. Dr. Chebib’s involvement with the Manitoba Islamic community stretches for more than fifty-five years. He played several major roles as one of the founders and the first Trustee of the Manitoba Islamic Association and is credited for securing the seed money to build the first Mosque in Winnipeg. Professionally, Dr. Chebib is an outstanding scientist. In addition to his Canadian career as a professor at the University of Manitoba, he taught at other Universities abroad. He worked for ten years on the space shuttle, as a principle scientist in the Space Division of a major NASA contractor. He spent over 16 years as a consultant to major aerospace companies in the United States. Dr. Chebib can boast a lengthy list of some sixty scientific publications and books which he has authored or co-authored. He retired in 2005 and has dedicated his retirement years to help the Canadian students communities building bridges of harmony among themselves as the founder of the Canadian Federation of Bridge Builders.

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