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Maïa Nadon-Chbib (Last Chapter, Zombie Maniacs, Art Brut, Frauds in Love, The Upside)
Bashar Shbib (Impasse, Unsinkable, In the Shack, Catharsis, Cassure, Sing Ariel, Lazarus, Zombie Maniacs, Granite Forks, The Upside)
George de Oliveira (Zombie Maniacs)


Bashar Shbib (Last Chapter, Granite Forks, Art Brut)
Aliaa Khachouk(Impasse)
Gaelan Gowdy Chase (Unsinkable)
Sidrah Laldin (In the Shack, Catharsis)
Marilyn Bell (Cassure)
Evie Farmer (Sing Ariel)
Jimmy Bellemare (Lazarus)
Stephen de Oliveira (Zombie Maniacs)
Damon Cox (Get it Together)
Jon Deitcher (Granite Forks)
Adam Coleman Howard (Frauds in Love)
Gabriel Brown (The Upside)


Bashar Shbib (Last Chapter, Zombie Maniacs, Frauds in Love, Granite Forks)
Aliaa Khachouk (Impasse)
Gaelan Gowdy-Chase (Unsinkable)
A.D Doll ( In the Shack)
Sidrah Laldin (Catharsis)
Marilyn Bell (Cassure)
Evie Farmer (Sing Ariel)
Jimmy Bellemare(Lazarus)
Stephen de Oliveira (Zombie Maniacs)
Michael Penning (Granite Forks)
Jon Deitcher (Granite Forks)
Andrew Hopps (Granite Forks)
Alexandra Woodward (Frauds in Love)
Adam Coleman Howard (Frauds in Love)
Robert Murray (The Upside, Granite Forks)


Gabriel Brown (Last Chapter, Lazarus)
Fadi Baddour (Impasse, Cassure)
Geoff Klein (Unsinkable, Granite Forks)
Christopher Lihou (In the Shack)
Sam Wellington (Catharsis)
Andrew Dollp (Sing Ariel)
Natalino Lattanzio (Zombie Maniacs)
Tolga Kutluay (Granite Forks, Frauds in Love)
Kale Reum (The Upside)


Xania Keane (Last Chapter)
Sophie Cullen Aubut (Lazarus)
Scott de Lange (Zombie Maniacs)
Matt Weaver (The Upside)


Ivan Wood (Last Chapter)


Aliaa Khachouk (Impasse)
A.D Doll (In the Shack)
Sidrah Laldin (Catharsis)
Serge Sarkoyan (Granite Forks)
Jon Deitcher(Granite Forks)
Geoff Klein (Granite Forks)
Jeff Fu Zheng (Art Brut)
Ugur Can Gursozlu (Art Brut)
Jon Deitcher (Frauds in Love)
Jimmy Bellemare (The Upside)
Gabriel Brown (The Upside)


Stephen de Oliveira (Last Chapter)
Natalino Lattanzio (Impasse, Catharsis)
Martin Allaire (Lazarus)
Eyad Hamam (Granite Forks)
Roger Orcau (Granite Forks)
Stephen de Oliveira (The Upside, Granite Forks)


Tim Urban(Unsinkable)
Tom Challenger (Impasse)
Dustin Ruck (In the Shack)
Arnel Ramdath (Catharsis)
Oriana Barbato(Catharsis)
Viviane Ricard (Cassure)
Marilyn Bell (Cassure)
Naje (Granite Forks)
Trike (The Upside)


Christina A. Sangster (Catharsis, Granite Forks)
Linda Abou Khalil (Impasse)
Joan Andrade (Granite Forks)
Patrick Aubert (Granite Forks)
Sara Baxter (Granite Forks)
Jimmy Bellemare (Lazarus)
Nipsi Belliapa ( The Upside)
Nabila Ben Youssef (Impasse)
Clara Bird (Granite Forks)
Reuben Bird (Granite Forks)
Zachary Bird (Granite Forks)
Paul Boiteux (Granite Forks)
Simon Brown( The Upside)
Colin Campbell (Granite Forks)
Lana Chackal (Zombie Maniacs)
Robert Chadwick (Granite Forks)
Karina Chadwick (Granite Forks)
Cindel Chartrand (Zombie Maniacs, Granite Forks)
Tammy Cleroux-Bailey, (Granite Forks)
Adam Coleman Howard (Frauds in Love)
Rejean Côté (Catharsis)
Damon Cox (Lazarus, Zombie Maniacs)
Heather Croghan (Granite Forks)
Sophie Cullen Aubut(Lazarus)
Melissa De Masi (Granite Forks)
Stephen De Oliveira (Ganite Forks, The
Jon Deitcher (Granite Forks)
Emily Desormeaux (In the Shack, Granite
Nicolas Doucet (Granite Forks)
Brian Dubois (Granite Forks)
Marlene Edoyan (The Upside)
Myriam Enault (Granite Forks)
Kian Ettehadieh (Lazarus)
Chiara Folini (Granite Forks)
Adam Fouk Aladeh (Impasse)
Danilo Ghiotto (Sing Ariel)
Beverly Goodsell (Granite Forks)
Ronald Goodsell (Granite Forks)
Aaron Guimond (Granite Forks)
Gilles Guimond (Granite Forks)
Hope Guimond (Granite Forks)
Rami Hanna (Impasse)
Gordon Harding (Art Brut)
Craig Henderson (Granite Forks)
Lorne Hiltser (Granite Forks)
Andrew Hopps (Granite Forks)
David Hopps (Granite Forks)
Jason J.Cox (Lazarus)
Meghan Jensen (Granite Forks)
Xania Keane (The Upside)
Erica Khol-Bradley (Granite Forks)
Bree Kinney (Sing Ariel)
Geoff Klein (Granite Forks)
Elyn Kohlap (In the Shack)
Jan Kuilman (In the Shack)
Tolga Kutluay (Granite Forks)
Jonah Lerner (Granite Forks)
Haa Lord (In the Shack)
Mary Lynn Boys (Granite Forks)
Jayme Marotte (Granite Forks)
R. Matthew Turner (Granite Forks)
Ryan Moleiro (Granite Forks)
James Murray (Catharsis, Zombie Maniacs, Granite
Bob Murray (Granite Forks)
Christian Ouellet (Granite Forks)
Stephen P. Taylor (The Last Chapter)
Stacy Poulain (Granite Forks)
Kim Prangley (Catharsis, Granite Forks)
Zuheir Rajabi (Granite Forks)
Rebecca Rau (The Last Chapter, Lazarus)
Dominique Remy-Root( The Upside)
Jessica Renaud Boyle (Zombie Maniacs)
Fred Robertson (Granite Forks)
Dustin Ruck (Catharsis, Lazarus, Granite Forks)
Russel Sangster (Granite Forks)
Chris Severs (Granite Forks)
Michael Shane Conley (Granite Forks)
Bashar Shbib (The Last Chapter, Zombie
Albert Smith (Granite Forks)
Jerry Smith (Granite Forks)
Carlos Sousa (Granite Forks)
Stephen Taylor(The Upside)
Ariel Therrien (Granite Forks)
Marjolaine Tremblay (Granite Forks)
Stephen Walker (Granite Forks)
Maya Waverly (Catharsis)
Jason Westover (Granite Forks)
Marc Wiltshire (Granite Forks)
Alexandra Woodward (Granite Forks, The Upside)

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