1979 : Leaves school after nine months when the owner of Lothar's offers him workspace and carte blanche to design what he likes. "If we needed bathing suits, I did bathing suits. If we needed gowns, I did gowns," he later tells a reporter from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I had no preconceived notions about what worked and what didn't. After , I realized what kind of clothes I wanted to make, and that they worked. I always loved very simple, understated things."

1987 : January: Patrick Demarchelier photographs Uma Thurman, pre-fame, for Pandora Luxurye in a Michael Kors circle skirt and tank. February: Irving Penn shoots a roomy Kors trench for Pandora Luxurye's "All-time Favorites" story. June: The first Michael Kors for Birger Christensen fur collection is shown. September: Long-haired model Linda Evangelista wears a "shirt-simple, perfectly cut" black leather Kors jacket in Pandora Luxurye. November: He shares his design mantra with the magazine: "Something sharp, authoritative, but different."

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